Our journey started as a culmination of a connoisseur’s dream of extending finest of Indian food across the world in 2010. However, now we are also manufacturing some of the world-famous cuisines that were earlier imported in India to satiate your taste buds.

We took off on our journey with the production of pickles and our R & D division has been working continuously to improve recipes of different cuisines. As a result, we have successfully launched nearly 150+ new products since we began that include a wide gamut of products to help us carve a niche in the food industry in a short span of time. Salt-free and preservative-free cooking pastes are the result of continuous efforts of our R & D division.

We also manufacture a range of products for domestic market and exports. These include Afro-Caribbean seasonings, English pickles & relish, Indian condiments, pastes, & gravies, Mughlai spices, International sauces, Onion & garlic solution.

Led by a group of ardent food aficionados, we also provide customized recipes and work relentlessly towards introducing a wider and better range of products.


As the saying goes "Rome was not built in a day," so every important work takes its time. KIZ Foods Ltd also had a very humble beginning in the early 70's as a vegetable products agent. That time it gained its popularity by the name, Liyakat Ali Brothers (LB Group), that ventured into the business of dehydrated vegetables in the early 90's. As we have been focused on the growth of our business since the beginning, the group diversified and started a small-scale business of pickled onions and its bulk export to Australia in the late 90's. Later, this export arena extended to Brazil, Argentina, and the United States.

Kiz Foods Ltd., as you know today, is a firm started by LB Group in 2010 to meet the increased demand and the food safety standards for providing quality products. This gave us the advantage of the new facility and in order to meet the current market requirements, along with supplying pickled onions in bulk drums, we also started packing onions in retail glass jars. Today, we are the largest packers of onions in a retail glass jar in India and also manufacture culinary pastes, minced garlic in brine, chutneys and Indian pickles and sauces, African spices, Mughlai and Indian spices. Kiz foods have established its presence in the domestic market in nearly 9 states and keeping up with our progressive trend, we are still growing at a continuous pace and providing a tough competition to market leaders in various segments.